Our Story

Just as the desert rose can withstand the harshest of elements, we want every woman to feel they have the power to endure. Desert Rose believes in the importance of being confident in who you are and loving yourself wholeheartedly. When you wear Desert Rose, you will Bloom in ANY Element. 
Desert Rose is co-founded by sisters, Louise and Mavis Rose. Since childhood, the two shared a lifelong dream of working together and inspiring others.
Louise graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Fashion Textile Management. Mavis obtained her degree in Hospitality Management with a minor in Business from East Carolina University.
Traveling back to their hometown of Wilmington, NC, the sisters decided it was time to pursue their dream by combining their love of fashion and free-spirited style with their desire to bring confidence to women everyday. And with this, Desert Rose began to bloom.
Established June 2018